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November 06, 2008



THIS SONG IS HOT. BEYONCE DID A WONDERFUL JOB. Leona Lewis looks like a man.


THIS SONG IS HOT. BEYONCE DID A WONDERFUL JOB. Leona Lewis looks like a man.


I think Leona could have sang it better, why does Beyonce keep stealimg other peoples song pfffs.


Actually jelly u look like a he-she
leona is beautiful
beyonce sucks
hopefully she dies


Beyonce didn't steal anyones song. The writer GAVE it to her because he knew she would make it into a SMASH hit. Hate her all you want, the bitch is bad...she could sing the ABC's and go platinum. Haters. Fuck Leona...she'll never be on the QUEENS level!


Actually biotch...incase u havent noticed
Leona has already outsold Beyonce in records, in just one year! Beyonce's been going at it for like 4 years now...leona kills that ugly bitcch!~!


The song sucks anyway!


Okay so i see all the bitching on this page & I actually think both of them would of done this song really good ; What beyonce has done with it i love & I think leona lewis would have done a good job too
they both have a raw talent & To wish death on someone is just pathetic @ batho ; grow up people. If leona didnt have time to record it i dont see why beyonce shouldn't of took it
Her new album is amazing
So stop hating :)


i love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! beyonce gives it extra swagger. leona is boring. watching her perform is like watching paint dry!

adfad daf

watching beyonce perform is like watching a slut advertise for sex

To Aaliyah

Aaliyah.. if u say B steals other ppl's songs, take a look at what Leona has stolen:
-Snow patrol's Run
-Avril Lavigne's I Will Be


damn you guys.

Beyonce sings it beautifuly
and she doesnt look like a slut when performing.

Leona wouldve done a good job as well.
they are both very talented.
For the records Beyonce is much more damous and yes she brings more swagger to the songs.

Leona isnt that boring... and she hits very high notes.

but beyonce is outstanding.

and neither is ugly so keep that stupid opinion to urself




why do people hate for. for a start this is like one of the only songs beyonce hasnt written why does it become such a big deal for?

you have artists like rihanna and leona lewis who have never written a song in their life and artists fight to record song and because this dude gave beyonce halo it becomes a huge deal. beyonce wrote every other song on her album.. so whats the biggie that she didnt write this song??? you people annoy me stop hating. and who ever called beyonce ungly needs to take another look seriously i never say this about another chick but beyonce is hot.


its obvious that beyonSUCK has the same singing style in all of her songs...the same goes for Halo..try to give a listen to Run by Leona Lewis..She took the already-perfect song up to another new level...its too amazing!! I'm sure Leona would sound better singing it..How come BeyonSUCK could ever beat Leona when she cant even beat Rihanna...Beyonce+SUCK=BeyonSUCK...


I love leona, but i think beyonce does the song better because Bey is just amazing. And secondly Leona steals ppl's songs 2. I Will Be was originally Avril Lavigne's song. ppl don't write their own songs now, so songs get tossed around


iteresting fighting over beyonce and leona....all i gotta say is beyonce is killing it.. shez at da top


Exscuce me all ya fucking beyonce haters need to shut the fuck up nd grow up caz beyonce is the shit...yeah i lyk leona lewis but she didnt hav time so you ppl trying to blame it on beyonce ya need to stop and get the fuck outa herrr

mama in salt lake

Thanks to the writer that balanced the dialogue. We need more people like you. I don't know how the song would have sounded otherwise, but Beyonce did a brilliant job!


those haters are so narrow-minded and sound so stupid. haven't you read the article? the writer was impatient.. he's the one who decided. so why blame it to beyonce?!.. tsk3..

kurt clarke

beyonce steal anyone songs they give it to her wonder why she dont reply to yall stupid ass comment, plus hater leona lewis has that one voice queen b go all the ways THANK!!!!

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